Commitment to Safety

Job safetyFM Schiavone Construction is committed to making safety a priority and a full-time job for everyone working in the field. We have never had a major injury or job-related illness.

Our Safety Plan is enforced on all our projects, and many of our workers have completed OSHA accredited 30-Hour Safety Training Courses.

Features of Fred M. Schiavone’s Safety Plan:

  • Developed to educate our workers and to instill the importance of safety on our projects.
  • Every employee is required to adhere to our safety policies.
  • We strive to eliminate every known hazard from every site, to provide a safe working environment for our valued employees.
  • We provide continuing education to all workers, and discuss common safety issues and safe practices to avoid unsafe situations.
  • We act swiftly to eliminate a hazard if it’s brought to our attention from any employee.
  • The use of drugs and alcohol is prohibited on every site, and anyone violating this safety rule is dismissed immediately.

In association with our insurer, all foremen are required to hold weekly “Toolbox Safety Talks” with all workers on their projects. We believe project safety requires a full commitment from every worker in the field.

We’re committed to providing the safest possible working environment, and all necessary safety and personal protection equipment, to ensure the safety of our people on your job site.